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Austin Healey Sprite

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Rare left hand drive 1961 Austin Healey Sprite in stunning condition. I've owned this car for nearly 15 years, originally purchasing it whilst I lived in California. I brought it back to the UK in 2005 and, as the many layers of California paint reacted poorly with the UK climate, I started restoring it in 2007. It's taken so long purely because it's my car, work has been carried out as and when time and funds were available. Now it stands as quite possibly the best Sprite Mk2 available anywhere.


The body was initially stripped of all parts and taken back to bare metal. Very little welding was needed, a small patch on the LH a-post and a 4" section at the very back of the boot floor. The rest of the steel is entirely original, no heritage parts. The paint was applied in 2012 and is absolutely stunning. The underside has a coating of stonechip applied to the etch primer with body colour over the top of that.


The 1100cc engine has been completely rebuilt and is topped with a Speedwell aluminium cylinder head (the original cylinder head is included but needs new valve guides and seats). Apart from aftermarket air filters the rest of the engine is entirely original. A new fuel tank has been fitted along with new file pipes. Evans Waterless Coolant has been put in the new radiator to prolong the life of the engine.


The brake and clutch master cylinder and front brake calipers have been rebuilt, all new brake pipes and hoses have been fitted and the rear wheel cylinders and clutch slave cylinder have been replaced. The wheels have been stripped and coated and they look like brand new. 5 new Continental tyres have been fitted with Dyna-Beads dynamic balancing.


All drivetrain components have been stripped and rebuilt, all new suspension bushings and seals have been fitted.


A new wiring loom has been installed.


The interior is in excellent condition with all new trim panels having been fitted. The steering wheel has been professionally restored, all switches and gauges and electrics are in perfect working order.


Please call if you have any questions about this beautiful little car.

Click here to see more photos of the restoration process... IMG_3086