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1947 Bentley MkVI

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I sourced this 1947 Bentley MkVI for a customer in 2010, it came from a guy in Northern Ireland who'd been using it as an occasional wedding car. My customer was looking for something he could use for long distance touring that was easier to drive than the MG SVW range he'd been running around in. His intention was to use it and gradually improve it over the years, the quintessential rolling restoration.


In 2011 the engine was completely rebuilt and during this work the entire front end was removed and restored up to the firewall. When the work was complete it was taken on a trouble free 2000 mile European tour. The owner and I then used it whenever we wanted until the winter of 2014 when he decided to have me replace the somewhat aged headlining.


More recently the car took part in the 2017 R-REC tour of Britain, 2200 trouble free miles in absolute comfort - I should know, I drove the first third of the tour. I just replaced the rear brake shoes and after checking and lubricating the rear springs I fitted a set of Wefco spring gaiters.


This is a great example of the Bentley MkVI, one of the first 300 built, over 70 years old and can be driven, sensibly, like a modern car. It's nicely patinated too, not a trailer queen, and draws attention, and photographers, wherever it goes.