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1954 Bentley R-Type

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This R-Type was repatriated from California in 2013, it having resided over there since the early 1960s. It remained in one family's ownership from when it was first registered in the UK until I bought it for a customer. Since its return to the UK I have had some welding done to the rear body mounts and inner sills, the chassis is very solid and the bodywork is in good condition. Sadly the same cannot be said about the paint, which has microblistered in our damp climate. Some panels are worse than others and from 10 feet away you'd hardly notice. The car has had a thorough service and check over and new tyres and tubes and a new battery have been fitted. The interior is very good indeed, the headlining looks great and the seats are in beautiful condition. The engine runs great and always starts first time. I've taken it on a couple of car club runs and there is plenty of power, it'll run all day at 70 mph. I've done nothing to the exhaust but at some point it has had non-standard repairs, there are a couple of poppers instead of silencers and this has lead a rather pleasant tone from the normally quiet system. This is a great driving car that would serve well as is or benefit from some attention to the paint.


The original registration number has been retained, the car is UK registered and ready to go.


Please don't hesitate to call for more information on this great car, you won't be disappointed.

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