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Commission Sales, Terms & Conditions


In the case of a commission sale, the sale is a private treaty sale between the owner of the vehicle and the buyer of the vehicle with McPheat Automotive acting solely as a commission agent for the seller. The extent of McPheat Automotive's liability will not exceed the commission earned in the transaction.


The vehicle is sold as a collector’s item & not as an everyday means of transport, whether or not it can legally be used on a public road is not warranted or represented to be original in any respect. Buyers are specifically warned that any vehicle sold may well have had parts replaced and paint renewed or be made up of parts from other vehicles the condition of which may be difficult to establish. The buyer warrants that he has relied upon his own inspection or that of an appointed agent to determine the condition of the vehicle to his satisfaction. The buyer moreover accepts that in buying a classic car that it would not be considered fit for purpose under English law & as such holds McPheat Automotive harmless against any future claim.


All vehicles are offered as seen with all faults and defects without any guarantee or warranty attaching thereto as to condition, roadworthiness or otherwise and with all faults and defects whether apparent upon examination or not.


This & all transactions with & arranged by McPheat Automotive shall be governed by English Law.


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Panhard & Deutsch-Bonnet

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Other Marques

Sold Cars

IMG_0801 small IMG_1359 small IMG_1646 small junior small small X86 small T600 small T57 small 20hp small IMG_2194 (2) IMG_2188 (1) small P1010049 IMG_2915 (1) IMG_3089 (2) IMG_1186 (1) IMG_0492 19Aug17_002 20151018_131138 (1) IMG_4254 (1280x853) IMG_2938 Panhard PL17 RHD

1959 Panhard PL17

very rare right hand drive, 100% complete with NOS bonnet and rear wings