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1977 De Tomaso Pantera

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An immaculate 1977 De Tomaso Pantera is a rare thing, when it is in right hand drive and the actual Earl’s Court Motorfair car, it becomes something really special.


This stunning Pantera GTS, is now being offered for sale by its 4th owner and, having spent several hours inspecting the car, I can tell you he has been most conscientious in his custodianship.


The exterior is in wonderful condition, panels are straight, fit is excellent and the paintwork is resplendent in it’s original Rosso Rubino hue. When it was repainted in 2015 all new rubber seals were fitted around the cabin and a new windscreen was installed.


Once inside the cabin you’ll find the all original cream leather trim to be in wonderful condition and the carpets, whilst lightly faded through time, are in a similar state. The dashboard alcantara has been renewed and looks superb and the steering wheel has also been restored. It even has a Becker radio fitted.


The condition of the drivetrain matches what I’ve said about the rest of the car, just excellent. The 351 Cleveland engine was breathed on lightly in 1979 by Doug Emms with a new cam and ported cylinder heads and when it was recently stripped down was found to be in perfect condition. The owner has ensured that any fault has been fixed and always to the finest degree leading to a car that is as good as you can get from the steering wheel to the road.


There is a massive history file, going right back to the start and the original owner, racing driver Willy Wood. I’ve never seen the like. Not only are there receipts for everything that has been spent on the car it also contains the original handbook, dealer brochures and a copy of the service manual.


It’s impossible to fit everything there is to say about this car into one advertisement so the best thing you can do is come and take a look, you will not be disappointed.


This Pantera is 100% on the button, has impeccable provenance, nothing more to spend, just years of sheer enjoyment and thousands of trouble free miles.