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1945 Enfield CC

5.6KW Generator

Price:   £1200


This very original Enfield Cycle Company built 5.6kW wartime generator was taken out of a Lincolnshire garage 5 years or so ago when it closed down, I bought it for a friend. I was told by someone who'd worked there that it had been started up once in a while over the years and the clean anti-freeze was an indication that it had been looked after. I have replaced all the coolant hoses, changed the oil and drained the fuel but haven't started it up as, whilst I am happy with the mechanical side, I dont wan't to do any damage to the electrics as they are in very good and original condition. If you have a place off grid or are regularly plagued by black-outs this is the ideal classic solution and will last a lot longer than a modern equivalent.


The engine is a flat-twin diesel similar to that used in the post war Bradford vans. I have manuals for the engiine and generator, please call if you have any questions.