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1996 Fiat Coupe

Price:   £1500


This car has been in one family's ownership for quite a while but has been largely unused for the last few years. The first owner kept it till 2011 and used it as a second car, hence the low mileage. The current owner, a good customer of mine, bought it as a fun and useable car to share with his daughter. Now it is surplus to requirements and is being offered for sale.


Recent work has included replacement of all brake pipes (the originals were corroded) and replacement of the rear brake callipers. A new battery has just been fitted as the car has been stored, under cover, for the last 2 years. The tyres were fitted in 2011 and have barely been used. Last year it had a new exhaust back box to get it through MoT.


The interior is in excellent condition, the rear seats don't look like they've been sat in and the fronts are only lightly creased. The carpets are like brand new, having always been covered with Fiat car mats. There is a radio/cassette with a CD changer in the boot.


The bodywork, whilst not perfect, is really very good. There is a small dent in the bonnet, another in the front bumper and a couple of small door dings. There is also a little rust on the leading edge of one of the rear arches but none anywhere else. There is a very small chip in the windscreen but not MoT failure.