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1949 Hudson Commodore

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I've wanted a Hudson for some time so when this 1949 Commodore came up for sale only a few miles from the workshop I just had to have it. Unfortunately I find that I do not get a chance to drive it as much as I had hoped, I have too many customer's cars to take out, so have decided to offer it for sale. It has been in the UK since 1995, I got it from a guy who lives half the year in the US and he imported it. In its day it was the lowest saloon car available on the US market, thanks to the "step-down" design. Also one of the safest, occupants sit within the frame instead of on top and the brake pedal is connected to the handbrake mechanism in the event of hydraulic failure. The seats on this car were covered with upholstered plastic covers, I took them off and found the most delightful original interior. Whilst the exterior has been painted it was over 20 years ago and has aged really well. It was originally an straight 8 cylinder but the 6 was a popular swap as it's pressure fed, much the same cubic capacity and similar horsepower. The engine starts easily, settles into a smooth idle and pulls really well. The cork clutch allows for smooth engagement of the gears from the column shift and it has an electrically controlled overdrive. The overdrive wasn't functioning when I got the car but now works fine. I have also fitted a full set of 5 Coker white walls. It comes with 2 sets of keys and the full owner's handbook and original dealer delivery pack.