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By Chris McPheat, Mar 10 2018 06:33PM

Something a little different. I've fancied a 2-wheeled project for a while and this 1970s Velosolex 3800 turned up on eBay this week but ended with no bidders. A swift cash offer after the sale and a run down to Macclesfield was all it took. It came with a stripped engine and lots of new parts. I like the look of the oily rag bodywork so will likely leave that alone and just concentrate on the mechanical side. My first 2-stroke.

By Chris McPheat, Mar 9 2018 05:20PM

With the sun showing its face for the first time in ages I thought I'd get this lovely MG YB out of storage and make it ready for the driving season. It is a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing with MGB front suspension, Hindustan Ambassador differential and a lot of strengthening in the frame and a set of skid plates to make it ready to rally. First thing to do was wash the workshop dust off, it now lives in an air chamber but it was put away dirty. It runs Evans waterless coolant and a couple of the hoses needed tightening up but other than that there were no drips, all fluid levels correct and, as always, it fired up easily. I have a feeling the owner won't be using it much this year so I am detirmined to take it out as much as possible to make up for it.

By Chris McPheat, Mar 7 2018 06:22PM

I've added this great, all aluminium bodied, Panhard Dyna X84 project to the inventory pages. These are great cars and this could provide access to all sorts of classic events as they were raced and rallied widely in period. Check it out and call for more details.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 27 2018 05:26PM

With the 20hp block, head & pistons now at the machine shop I can get back on the 20/25 engine. The camshaft bearing locating pins turned up so the cam is now secure and the timing gears and damper have been fitted. I had to order 3 new cam follower yokes as those that had been striking the cam bearings were out of shape. New rollers and pins have also been fitted. Now I can drop the block and fit the pistons and rods.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 22 2018 06:05PM

It's been for sale for a little while now and for all that time it has been the best car I've never sold. It's always been there for me and always brought a smile to my face. I have a feeling a spell of seller's remorse will be coming on. It'll be on its way to Ireland in the morning.

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