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By Chris McPheat, Nov 21 2019 06:26PM

I have slowly been doing some work on the Tatra 603 engine now it is almost ready to assemble. The crankcase and main bearings are done but I still need seemingly insignificant parts before I can get the build going proper. In the meantime I have had all of the metalwork cleaned up and painted and picked it all up this morning. It's come out really well and just orange enough in the red to look correct (the photo shows more red). 6 of the cylinder heads have been built up, the remaining 2 will be done tomorrow.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 19 2019 06:27PM

The work on the TVR Chimaera has been ongoing, quite a few different jobs have turned up since I've had it on the lift. We decided that a new radiator and hose set were necessary along with new stainless steel pipes for the heater and the water pump to radiator link, the hoses were old and the pipes rusting at the ends. It was leaving oil on the workshop floor from the rear of the engine and it wasn't too hard to track this to the valve covers. What looked much like the original cork gaskets had shrunk, collapsed and split and were doing very little to keep the oil in the engine. With the valve covers out of the way the engine mounts were seen to be cracked and split and have now been replaced. I've also replaced the clutch master and slave cylinders and bled them out and fitted the new radiator and hoses. I am now waiting for the valve covers to come back from being aqua-blasted, the owner wants to try and make the engine bay, and the rest of the car, look as good as possible, having these back to original will make a big difference. I'm also going to fit new spark plugs, I have a feeling they have been choking up as they are not getting properly hot, because of the unreliable cooling system the car really hasn't been driven like it should be.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 19 2019 06:02PM

The Bristol Beaufighter that I worked on a month or so ago came back in today for some more work. When it was last here I noticed the front brake pads were well worn so they, and the fitting kit, will be replaced. The controls for the driver's seat are not working reliably and at least one of the switches is broken, this might present a challenge as they are not a common part. Other than that it'll have an oil change and general service.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 14 2019 05:50PM

As promised in a previous post I am now able to offer this 1967 Ford Mustang for sale, check out the Inventory page for lots of photos and some more details.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 7 2019 08:31PM

It has been a long time coming but the Bentley MkVI I have been selling has found a new owner. I've a long history with this car having found it for my customer in 2010 and looked after it since. The above photo is one of my favourites, it shows "Bertha" outside the clubhouse at Brooklands at the start of the R-REC tour of Great Britain in 2017. Keeping her company are HRH Prince Michael of Kent and the Silver Dawn R562. I think these Bentleys are one of the most under-rated of the "classics", they can sit all day at 80mph, pull like a train from 15mph in top and you can fix everything yourself.

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