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By Chris McPheat, Nov 30 2017 08:13PM

The MGA I went to take a look at last month arrived in the workshop yesterday. I went back a couple of weeks ago to free off the brakes, put some wheels & tyres on it and turn it around for the tow truck. Easier said than done with seized steering. It's been in the family since new so a full restoration is on the cards. I'll be stripping it down to see what's left before deciding if a new frame is needed. I know it needs wings, there is a lot of fibreglass on view.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 21 2017 05:29PM

This delightful Vauxhall Prince Henry replica is in the workshop for some more clutch work. The owner is having new plates cut so the whole unit will be removed and sent away.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 7 2017 05:36PM

I've made a bit of progress with the investigation into the noise coming from the Rolls-Royce 20/25 engine. Once the sump was off I could see someone had been in there recently, a couple of the big-end bearing cap bolts were incorrectly located and one of the caps had no split pins securing the nuts. The crankshaft and bearings all looked in good condition, although there was a little too much in the way of water droplets here and there. A look at the cam, on the other hand, revealed the problem. It looks as though none of the cam bearings have been secured with their locating pins and the one wrapped around #2 journal has been spinning and moving up and down the cam. This has put it in the way of the cam follower and it's been beaten about. On the positive side at least the engine doesn't need to come out, on the negative just about everything else but the crank and crankcase does. The photo above shows it with head off and pistons pulled, the next steps involve removing the front mount, timing cover and cylinder block.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 1 2017 06:49PM

This Rolls-Royce 20/25 came in to the workshop today for some engine work. It's developed a bit of a noise/vibration so the sump and timing cover will be removed and the crankshaft sludge traps and damper will be cleaned out. With the sump off the main and rod bearings will be inspected for wear and damage.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 30 2017 06:55PM

This Dyna Z12 has now sold and is on its way to the USA, great to see people around the world appreciating these great cars.

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