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By Chris McPheat, Sep 10 2020 06:22PM

This nicely patinated Mercedes Pagoda was dropped off today for some work. It's been sitting for 6 or 7 years so will need recommissioning. It was MoT tested in February and passed so it's not that far gone but it will need tyres & wheel refurbishment, brake flexible hoses, coolant & fuel hoses, a full service and a thorough check over. I did notice the shift linkage is worn out and it's not firing on all 6 cylinders but haven't had the chance to look at much else.

By Chris McPheat, Sep 4 2020 05:14PM

I listed this Jaguar S-Type as a classified ad on eBay earlier this week and today had a call from a chap who wanted to come and take a look. I had a feeling it wouild sell itself and, after a successful test drive, that is just what it did. He's left a deposit and is coming to collect it on Monday afternoon, that gives me a bit of time to do a final detail of the interior and put a few gallons of fuel in the tank.

By Chris McPheat, Sep 2 2020 04:58PM

The rebuilt engine for the Panhard Junior was delivered today and I couldn't be more happy with the work that's been done. So far I have fitted the clutch (new disc and a VW type pressure plate) and engine/gearbox studs and rebuilt the carburettor. I found it needs gearbox/engine mounts as one is broken and will have to do some work on the intake pipes to account for the change in the position of the cylinders.

By Chris McPheat, Aug 31 2020 06:39PM

This Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow was dropped off today to have some jobs done. It's one I've worked on before but not since moving down to Lancaster 6 years ago. It was good to catch up with the owner and nice to see he's been taking good care of the car. I'll start out with a ball-joint seal, a transmission leak and replacent of a valve cover gasket (just the one, he's done the easy side) and tehn see how much else he'd like me to do, the boot is full of new spare parts to be fitted.

By Chris McPheat, Aug 28 2020 05:12PM

This good looking 3.5 litre Gurney Nutting bodied Derby Bentley was dropped off today for some work. I'll be giving it a service and also balancing the front wheels, fixing the passenger door window, ethanol proofing the fuel system and installing a large fire extinguisher. There are some other small jobs to do as well so it'll be in the workshop for a few days.

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