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By Chris McPheat, May 27 2020 04:52PM

The Triumph 2000 Roadster I worked on last year came back in yesterday for a couple of jobs. When the owner drove it home it struggled to get up hills and more recently failed to start. I had already replaced the faulty electric fuel pump he'd added some years ago, mainly for priming, and it turns out the one I fitted has also failed. I took it out of the fuel circuit today, stripped and cleaned the mechanical pump and, after sucking fuel through the system to prime the pump, the engine fired up first time. I'll see if I can source a rebuild kit for the AC mechanical pump, the diaphragm is a bit old and the rubber seal in the filter housing isn't keen on modern fuels.

By Chris McPheat, May 7 2020 06:50PM

A nice surprise today in the form of the Jaguar S-Type I bought last year as a non-runner coming back from a pal who's been looking into the problems with the faults that were OBDII related. I got it going by replacing the crankshaft sensor and damper pulley but it was showing "Fuel Computer Error" on the dash and half the gauges didn't work as well as just about all of the brake warning and ABS lights showing. Fortunately the fuel computer fixed itself, it had been sitting outside for 3 years, a spell indoors did it the world of good. The eratic running and misfire was fixed with a coil pack and new plugs and the ABS faults were cured by a replacement pump control board and a new wheel sensor. He also changed the oil and filter, fitted a set of license plates and, best of all, MoT tested it and it passed. I'll get insured and it can be my "incognito" Jag until I find a new owner, the "excognito" one has been doing sterling service as a daily driver but I'd like to give it a rest and some attention.

By Chris McPheat, May 7 2020 05:47PM

The front suspension subframe from the Jensen GT has been going back together over the last few days and is about ready to go in the car. I'm waiting on new shock absorbers and brake calipers but everything else I needed has been sourced and delivered, I guess a lot of people are like me and they have to work during these tricky times. It's had new bushings and bolts in the wishbones and lower arms, new ball joints for the steering and track rod, new hub bearings, basically whatever it needed. Jensen sourced this unit direct from Vauxhall Motors, my father was telling me last night about the pounding the dies took knocking out these heavy duty steel pressings (he worked in "Engineering" at Vauxhall Motors, Luton, and was there from the late '40s to the late '80s). I can easily image, the sandblasting of the parts took 14 hours and there was still plenty of metal left. There was nothing I could do with regards the brake splash plates, they were totally shot, but I did some internet digging and found the last pair of a batch the guys at Richard Appleyard had made 20 years ago.

By Chris McPheat, Apr 29 2020 07:30PM

What with the work on the Bristol 400 being all done the owner picked it up and dropped off his Beaufighter. I hadn't been amywhere near the 400 since getting it finished off last week so he could drive it out and we were able to stay far enough apart while we were going through the fixes. If you look closely at the photo you might see that one of the jobs on the Beaufighter is to replace the headlamp with the corroded reflector, an MoT test failure if I ever saw one. I'm also going to try and free off the sidelamp/flasher cover screw on the left side, the removal of which that has prevented him from properly cleaning it. A lockdown job if ever I heard of one. And finally, the tyres have a tendency to deflate at about the same rate all around so I'll pull the wheels and have my local aluminium wheel restorer have a look at them.

By Chris McPheat, Apr 29 2020 07:07PM

The Lotus 907 engine is coming together, along with the front subframe. I've not done anything to the inside of the engine as it was running well enough when it drove in and from what I've seen it hasn't done a lot of miles. I've cleaned everything I could find and fitted new gaskets and o-rings wherever possible. One of the cam cover threads needed a helicoil and the exhaust header studs were a bit of a pain but otherwise it has come apart and gone together quite well. The block has been flushed and is running clear, I will be using Evans waterless coolant to help inhibit the inevitable oxidation of the aluminium that results from insufficient coolant changes. As an aside, the front suspension has been torn down and what was left is being blasted and painted. I'm looking forward to putting it all together.

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