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By Chris McPheat, Oct 10 2019 04:56PM

I am expecting the brake boosters and master cylinder back tomorrow for the Bristol Beaufighter so I got it jacked up and took the wheels off in readiness. On removal the boosters were found to be different, the upper was still the original part, the lower one had been replaced with a later unit. This caused a bit of a problem during rebuilding as parts are not so easy to find for the original booster, I remember having the same problem with a 1970s Aston Martin that used the same devices. I've also got the driver's side window working, a seized motor had caused the switch to burn out but I was able to strip and free off the motor and sourced a replacement for the somewhat hard to find Lucas 152SA switch.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 10 2019 04:41PM

The Triumph Roadster I have been working on reached a milestone today, I have refitted the wheels and put it back on the ground. Bleeding the brakes turned into a bit of a nightmare, the very individual Girling master cylinder seemed to prefer to pull air into the rear slave cylinders on pedal return rather than refilling from the reservoir. I bought an easy bleed system to allow me to pressure bleed, adapted it to fit the master cylinder and today was finally able to get some pedal pressure. There are brakes enough to think about driving it at least so I'll put some fuel in the tank and see what happens with regards firing it up.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 10 2019 04:32PM

I am happy to say that someone called the other day about the Tatra T57 chassis I have had for sale for quite some time. I didn't have the heart to throw it away but it really was taking up space so I practically gave it to him, especially as he intends to turn it back into a car. If anyone out there has any parts that might help please drop me a line.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 9 2019 05:17PM

The engine for the 20hp landaulette is going back together this week. Once all the cylinder head studs were installed and secured the next step was to get the crankshaft & flywheel assembly fitted. Other than a bit of moving it from stand to jacks and back to allow for it to go together it went well. When it was back on the engine stand I could fit the main bearing caps, the cam followers, repaired cylinder block and the original pistons & connecting rods. Today I got the head back on but found that it was missing a few correct parts to allow it to be torqued down so I will have to leave it for a few days until the required parts arrive.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 5 2019 03:35PM

A few weeks ago the Preston & District Vintage Car Club contacted me to ask if they could run a small test on the driveway to my workshop as part of their Autumn Leaves rally that was to take place today. The weather held off and we had a lovely visit from around 20 competitors in a variety of cars and a handful of smiling marshalls. They stayed for around an hour and seemed to enjoy wandering amongst and examining the current projects. I must say thanks to the PDVCC and any entrants who might see this for such a pleasurable afternoon.

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