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By Chris McPheat, Feb 15 2019 05:30PM

This very nice Rolls-Royce 25/30 landaulette was dropped off today for a little work. It's not serious like some of the other small horsepower Rolls-Royce cars I've been working on of late, an oil change in the engine and back axle, check the brakes and wheel spokes and investigate the small amount of play in the steering. The engine has been rebuilt not that many miles ago and someone has done a beautiful job, it runs sweetly and is very tidy under the bonnet, another "for once".

By Chris McPheat, Feb 14 2019 05:42PM

A new set of stainless steel hose clamps came yesterday so I was able to fill the cooling system on the Rolls-Royce 20/25 engine I've been rebuilding. This morning there were no leaks and that's always a good sign, then the new spark plugs turned up so there was nothing it but to try starting it up. I'd already hand cranked it with the plugs out for ages to try and get oil up into the crankshaft so I turned on the fuel, set the choke, throttle & ignition controls, switched on the ignition and pushed the starter. It turned over 4 times and then it fired, all cylinders, all good. Looking at the pistons reminds me of all the work that has gone into this rebuild. The list includes: 1 new liner in the block, bored out to 0.040", top skimmed; new pistons, small end bushings, new white metal big-ends; crankshaft cleaned out, rod journals polished, sludge trap end caps all replaced; crankshaft damper completely overhauled & built to factory settings; new cylinder head studs, nuts, washers; cylinder head de-coked; rocker shaft fitted correctly, rockers dressed; water pump rebuilt with new shaft & seals; all new aluminium sealing washers, lock tab washers, split pins, etc..

I've put a fire up video on my YouTube channel, you can access that through the link on my home page.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 13 2019 08:32PM

It's been a long time coming but this lovely Panhard Dyna X86 has found a new owner. As these are fantastic cars with remarkable engineering I can only wonder, has it taken so long to find a buyer because of fear of the unkown? Whatever the reason the owner has got a great car, I'll be helping him get it registered and he's coming for it on Saturday.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 11 2019 06:58PM

Quite the momentous day for the Rolls-Royce 20/25 I've been working on, the wheels are back on the ground for the first time in a while. The last few Rolls-Royce parts turned up so I have been able to fit the radiator and tappet covers and finish off the ignition wires. With the sump plug wired there's no longer a reason to have it up on jacks. The spark plugs aren't up to much and the hose clamps could be better so I've ordered these parts to finish it off before firing it up for the first time.

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