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By Chris McPheat, Sep 10 2018 04:57PM

I have been asked to market this extremely rare Pobjoy Model R engine on behalf of the current owner. It really is a museum quality piece that could be put back into action. It's unusual to find one that is as complete as this one. Look for it on the Inventory page.

By Chris McPheat, Sep 6 2018 04:40PM

With the customer confirming that he's prepared to bite the bullet on the white metal bearings, in addition to the rest of the rebuild, I spent the day getting what was left of the engine out. The hardest thing to do is lift the bonnet off when there's only one of you but everything else came out much as expected and by the end of the day the crankcase was on a stand and ready for tear down tomorrow.

By Chris McPheat, Sep 5 2018 05:18PM

The owner of the Rolls-Royce 20/25, on returning from a successful 2000 mile tour of Eastern Europe a month or so ago, asked me to give it a service and look into why there was so much engine oil dripping out of the engine. I thought I'd start with checking the torque of the cylinder head nuts but many were seized to their respective studs and the stud was springy at 18lbs, as in not tight against the head. It was decided to pull the head to sort this out and on doing so I found the bores quite badly scored, I think this is the cause of the oil "leaks", blow-by of compression forcing an oily mist out of the crankcase. Nothing for it but to remove the sump and get the rods and pistons out and the block off. I did all this today and it gets worse, 4 out of the 6 big-end bearings are starting to fall apart and there are large pieces missing. So, in addition to a re-bore, new pistons and a head gasket set it will also need all new white metal on the rods. Remember, this is an engine that is/was running beautifully. These small hp Rolls-Royce engines are great in that they run even when they are in a parlous state, they are also terrible in that they run when they are in a parlous state. You can't win until the engine is rebuilt.

By Chris McPheat, Aug 24 2018 07:14PM

Now that the Mustang is starting and running well the owner asked me to take care of another couple of jobs. The first was to fit an Ignitor electronic ignition module and whilst I was in there I made some fixes to the distibutor base plate that tightened it all up. A new coil was also fitted, on firing it up and checking the timing it was all ok, didn't even need adjusting. He also asked me to look into the heater controls as it was not possible to get any air up to the windscreen. A quick look under the hood showed the vacuum tank was only connected to the engine and the transmission, the feed to the heater control wasn't even hooked up. I corrected this also made sure all the hoses went to the right places and stripped and cleaned out the vacuum switch. When tested it all worked and assorted dust and debris flew out of long unused vents and pipes. Nice.

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