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By Chris McPheat, Aug 3 2017 07:06PM

This 1967 Mustang has been having problems since it's been back on the road so it's come back in for a couple of jobs. The fuel tank is being replaced as the carburettor has been filling up with a sandy paste that can only come from the tank. Whilst under there I'm replacing the shock absorbers, these are very old and have little absorbtion left in them. The tank will be painted and fitted by the end of next week.

By Chris McPheat, Aug 2 2017 04:53PM

Recent interest in the Panhard Dyna X87 Junior gave me the impetus to look into a couple of things that were troubling me. As I felt the fitted engine was not particularly smooth or quiet, and also non-original, I decided to swap it for a much better spare I just happened to have on the shelf. Whilst doing this job I found the half-shafts had worn universal joints at the wheels and took the opportunity to replace them with a good pair I had in stock. The guy who restored the car had added a pair of very rigid engine mounts at the front of the engine with a bracket formed around the timing cover and these mounts tied the engine to the frame so tight that any vibration was transferred direct to the body. With them removed it feels a lot smoother so a test drive tomorrow then I think I'll take it off SORN put some miles under the wheels.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 26 2017 06:10PM

This beautiful left hand drive Ferrari 355 will soon be added to the inventory. It's in perfect condition with only 7400 miles, full service history and a new F1 clutch. With NOVA paid but not yet registered in the UK, you can become the second registered owner, call for details or keep an eye on the inventory pages.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 25 2017 05:40PM

After many months and countless jobs the MG SA is just about back together and today I was able to take it out for a test drive. The work has included (but is not limited to): all springs off, stripped, cleaned, lubricated, wrapped & reinstalled with new eye bushings; connect up chassis lubrication system; fuel tank out, sender sourced, tank repaired; new stay-up floats fitted to carbs, correctly locate float chambers to front of carbs, throttle rod shortened, new fuel pumps & bulkhead filter fitted, new fuel filler neck fabricated to allow for new filler cap; telecopic shock absorbers fitted; clutch relined, clutch cover plate skimmed, new throw out & spigot bearings; tachometer reduction gear & modified cable sourced; brake & clutch pedals re-bushed, new pivot pin fabricated; tight steering problem solved; skim brake drums, re-line brake shoes, free off handbrake cables & fit lubrication system pipes to cables; replace worn rocker shaft, fix problem with lack of oil to cylinder head, fit spin-on oil filter adapter; fit gaskets to rear axle hubs; rebuild prop-shaft; starter cable fixed; speedometer repaired; jacking system removed. There was a lot of other work, for example whoever "restored" the car used metric nuts and bolts everywhere - it's horrible - so wherever I went I did my best to put them back to BSF. It drove ok, by the way.

By Chris McPheat, Jun 30 2017 04:55PM

Since going back to its owner earlier in the year and being put to some use this Silver Spirit has been experiencing intermittent running problems, seemingly associated with the alarm and immobiliser. It's one of those where you push a fob against a little socket before trying to turn the key. When I was modifying the window motors I found that even this wiring ran through the alarm controller. The AA man who was called one of the times that it failed to proceed suspected that the ignition and fuel pumps run through it too. I'll be trying to unpick the gremlins early next week as it's hoped it'll be available for prom on the 6th July.

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