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By Chris McPheat, Jan 11 2021 07:52PM

I listed the Henderson-Heath aero engine on my pal Laurens Klein's prewarcar website last week and it sold pretty much right away. In fact I could have sold 4 of them, at least. In addition I mentioned to one of the enquirers about some of the owner's other interesting stuf, a JI Case model 40 rolling chassis, a similar bare chassis and a Sturtevant V8 aero engine along with a bunch of other parts, and he bought the lot. Result.

By Chris McPheat, Jan 7 2021 07:45PM

This quite delightful Jaguar XJS-C V12 was dropped off at the workshop today. The owner has asked me to sell it for him so once I've done some preparation of the car I'll be adding it to the inventory page. It's in lovely condition and only has 45000 original miles on the clock. I've got a bit of a soft spot for these, I had a V12 coupe for quite a few years and always enjoyed driving it, quite the super cruiser.

By Chris McPheat, Jan 6 2021 07:32PM

This very tidy XJ6 was dropped off today for some work. Apart from a few electrical gremlins the main fault is a copious oil leak from the rear main oil seal that'll mean pulling the engine and gearbox out. This will provide the opportunity to fix some of the other things I've spotted (persihed radiator & fuel hoses, crimp connectors on some of the wiring, that sort of thing). It's the owners' only car so they want it to be reliable.

By Chris McPheat, Dec 30 2020 07:38PM

The Jaguar E-Type I put up for sale a week or so ago has already found a new owner. Both the vendor & purchaser are happy with the deal so that's all good. I've fixed a couple of small issues that were uncovered during the viewing and will be putting it through an MoT test next week before delivery. I believe that a good car sells itself, handy as I am in no way a salesman.

By Chris McPheat, Dec 24 2020 06:27PM

I've had some time on the Chevy II this week and work has progressed nicely. I stripped the cylinder head and had Hi-Tech engines skim it, with that back I could fit the cleaned up valves & springs and put the head back on the engine. I've refitted most of the removed parts from when the head was removed, replaced the thermostat, fabricated & fitted new HT leads and moved the coil from the engine to the inner wing. Next week I'll get the radiator back in and move on to the other jobs that need doing (fit the temperature, oil pressure & volt meter gauges, replace the rh door mirror with one that matches the driver's side and check the braking system).

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