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By Chris McPheat, Feb 27 2020 07:00PM

The Tatra 603 engine I've been rebuilding has been coming together this week. I found the small end bushings needed replacement, with new parts sourced I had my machine shop do the fitting. I also had them flatten the flanges on the exhaust manifolds. With these parts back in the workshop I have been able to start final assembly. I warmed up the new pistons to allow the gudgeon pins to go through easily, fitted the rings and cylinder barrels and put these assemblies into the crankcase. The pistons have an offset gudgeon pin axis so extra care was needed to make sure they all went in the right way. The right side heads were loosely fitted, tied together through the exhuast manifold and then torqued down. New cylinder head bolts have been fitted and all new oil seals. I'm waiting on a small part before I can finish off the left side, a pressure spring for the oil return pipe seal on one of the heads has been ordered, should be here this week. It turns over really nicely right now, next step is to get the rocker cages fitted and valve gaps adjusted, then the fitting of all the external parts.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 27 2020 06:37PM

The Lancia Fulvia I stripped down a while ago has gone away for media blasting today. It'll be interesting to see if there's anything left when they are done. I had a guy come and help me attach the shell to a frame I already had, he fabricated and welded on some brackets that we could bolt the car to at rear spring hangers, front subframe and centre handbrake mount mount.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 25 2020 06:31PM

The Ferrari 458 that came in to have a broken fog lamp surround replaced has now gone home. It took some time to have the paint colour matched, who knew there were so many flat blacks? Anyway, Steve at KLS Motors in Galgate called this morning to say they were painted and ready to go so I was able to get it all back together today. I'd already fitted new threaded inserts to the bumper so it was just matter of assembling and refitting all of the removed parts. I'm happy with how it turned out and, more importantly, so is the owner.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 24 2020 07:29PM

The MG YB I've been offering for sale has found a new owner. The vendor is going to miss it having owned it since 1969, it really wasn't getting driven as much as it should so she's also happy as it's going to someone who will use it.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 21 2020 06:30PM

Some more progress on the Rolls-Royce 20hp engine rebuild. The pistons and connecting rods all went in ok, then the flywheel was fitted with new taper bolts, followed by the sump and oil pump. I've re-lined the clutch & taper reamed the drive plate bolt holes to fit the hub, all clutch parts now back on the engine. The cylinder head was straightforward, as was the installation of the pushrods and rocker shaft assembly. The water jacket side plates were next, I had to replace all of the 2BA screws that secure them to the block, they tend to rust away. With all that done it has been a matter of cleaning and fitting the ancillaries, dynamo, magneto, carburettor, distributor, water pump & the control rods. I'm still waiting for the crankshaft damper to come back from Fiennes but I think I'll put the engine back in the car next week to get it out of the way and deal with the damper & timing cover when I can.

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