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By Chris McPheat, Oct 28 2020 07:15PM

I am offering up this MGA for sale as the owner has decided not to use it for the restoration of his own car. It was bought for parts but is mostly complete. I imported it 2-3 years ago and have done nothing with it. Check out the Inventory page for more photos and details.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 26 2020 06:15PM

This Bentley S3 was dropped off this evening for some work. The owner has just bought it from ClassicPark in The Netherlands and wants me to go over it before he drives it back to Ireland. It's got brake and steering issues at least, found that out driving it into its place. Some new tyres also turned up for it today so whilst the wheels are off I'll be able to have a good look at the shoes, drums and cylinders.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 20 2020 04:59PM

This lovely Jaguar S-Type 4 litre sold itself today, it was so nice I really didn't have to do any persuading. The new owner had a 3 litre version that was getting a bit long in the tooth and fancied the idea of a V8. An advantage of this upgrade is he didn't have anything to do with regards learning about the features, other than the fact that it goes a lot better.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 19 2020 05:36PM

The onwer of this beautiful Dodge Coronet 440 has commissioned me to sell it for him. He's just had it repainted and a new vinyl roof fitted and it really is stunning. I had it in the workshop earlier this year to sort the 6-pack carburettor setup so I know it doesn't need much work. I'll give it a once over before taking some photos and adding it my Inventory page.

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