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By Chris McPheat, Jun 4 2017 12:24PM

With just a few days to go until the start of the Rolls-Royce Enthusiats Club celebratory tour of the UK these two cars are now ready to take part. The 20/25 kept me bust with charging problems, I had had the dynamo tested by two separate companies, both of whom assured me it was fine. This proved not to be the case and a friend was kind enought to lend me a dynamo from one of his cars that worked right away. The owner came from Australia to collect it on Tuesday and will be making his way down country over the next couple of days. On Tuesday I'll be following him in the Bentley MkVI. It's owner, whilst unable to drive the car, has enlisted the help of friends and family to act as chauffeur and I'm doing the first leg, starting and Brooklands and making our way through the south west, Wales and then on to the Lake District.

By Chris McPheat, May 19 2017 04:27PM

I've been doing some work on the Rolls-Royce 20/25 I'm storing and maintaining for a customer who lives in Australia. He is booked to take it on the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club round Britain tour starting 6th June, not long now. Whilst waiting for the overdrive kit to come I thought I'd get the new tyres fitted but on removing the wheel discs I found all the wheels had loose spokes. I sent them all to Nick Mouat and he respoked two and trued up the rest and had them painted gloss black. He's really done a great job in a short time. New tyres and tubes from Longstone have been fitted and we'll be leaving the wheel discs off for now, I know Henry Royce preferred them that way.

By Chris McPheat, May 11 2017 04:22PM

I've been able to get a look at the Tatra 603 over the last couple of weeks. A compression test revealed a bit of a mixed bag, from 90 - 130 depending on the cylinder. I adjusted the valves but it didn't improve. I did find the misfire, one of the plug leads had pulled off. Whilst working back there I tightened the fan belts by moving shims around on the pulleys. It's to go for MoT so I went through the lights, a bit of fettling got them all lit, and the horn works too. As the accelerator pedal was flapping around I decided to replace it with a new one, the shed door hinge that had been used to bodge it in the past had seen better days. This made a lot of difference from the driver's seat. I tried to take it for a test drive but the clutch wouldn't release. The master and slave were ok so that left the actuator rod at the throw-out bearing. There was enough adjustment left to enable me to select first gear so I took it for a test drive and it went well, slightly wobbly steering (buckled wheel?) but the brakes are fine and it pulls well enough. The test is booked for Monday, fingers are crossed.

By Chris McPheat, May 4 2017 05:28PM

There's been some progress on the MG SA and I've been able to get to some of the work needed under the bonnet. Taking the valve cover off to check the torque on the head nuts revealed a totally dry rocker assembly, a blocked banjo bolt on the oil feed to the head was the culprit. A replacement rocker shaft was sourced from SVW Spares and it's gone back together well.

By Chris McPheat, Apr 28 2017 03:54PM

There has been some variety in this week's work. It started with looking into a misfire on start up on a Bentley Mk VI. The engine bay still looks as good as the day I finished the restoration but I thought I'd take a look at the carburettors and ignition system. The floats in the H4 carbs were original type so I replaced them with a pair of Stay-Up floats from Burlen Fuel Systems. I also replaced all the fibre washers on the fuel pipe and float chamber lid. With the ignition system I replaced the spark plugs and wires as well as fitting a new condenser. First test showed it fired up just fine but I'll take it out over the weekend to check. It's going on a Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts Club round Britain tour in June so it's got to be right.

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