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By Chris McPheat, Jul 7 2020 04:20PM

This 1926 Humber 14/40 was dropped off today for a little work. It's not been driven for a few years but has had some recent work. The main issue was poor running and popping back throught the carburettor. The owner has had someone adjust the valves but he didn't seem to know what he was doing as the adjuster lock nut was tied to the tappet rather than the cam follower and the gaps had opened up to around 4mm, somewhat wide. It's now running nicely so I can have a look at the harsh clutch action, difficult gear shift, change the oil and fix the horn.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 2 2020 07:11PM

The owner of this lovely Daimler DB18 three-position drophead has asked me to offer it to the market. Advancing age and a desire to trim his collection has brought this about, his loss could be your gain. Check out the inventory page for more information.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 2 2020 06:23PM

This delightful Panhard Dyna Junior racing car has now found a new owner, finally someone appreciates it as much as I do. He's hoping to run it on the road and race it so has asked me to do some work before he picks it up. The biggest issue is the engine, when I got the car this was seized and it's currently out of the car. Through a contact in The Netherlands I have someone who is keen to build him a new one, it'll be bored out to 954cc and should give something like 80-85hp. That'll make it fly as it only weighs around 650kg. I'm also going to have the shoes re-lined with a more suitable material, rebuild the brake cylinders and sort out some of the electrics, enough to make it safe on the road (lights, indicators, that sort of thing). It won't need windscreen wipers as there is no windscreen. I'm glad he's having me do this, it means I'll finally be able to drive it.

By Chris McPheat, Jun 26 2020 05:02PM

Some progress on the Jensen GT of late. I've replaced all the seals in the rear axle as well as all the brake parts, with the suspension arms re-bushed I could put the whole lot back in the car and hook it up. The entire braking system is new, including pipes and hoses, so it was good to bleed the system today and have no leaks. It also meant I could put the wheels back on, looks a lot more like a car now. I've been tiidying up the wiring to the headlights, with this mostly done I could the bumper back on. I'm still having problems sourcing correct engine mounts, specialist Jensen suppliers can't get the right parts so I might try the US. Other than the mounts and the radiator (also back-ordered), there isn't much left to do.

By Chris McPheat, Jun 10 2020 06:51PM

I've made a bit of a start on replacing the woodwork in the Jaguar Mk2. The new parts certainly look a lot better and as far as the doors are concerned it really did need doing. Whoever worked on the doors last didn't pay much attention to how the inner and outer window seals fitted and the various wood screws weren't doing much with regards holding things together. The dashboard and screen surround are back in, the doors need a little work before I can finish off the job (door handles loose, door trim panel poorly fitted, etc.).

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