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By Chris McPheat, Jun 12 2018 06:37PM

After a successful day putting the Panhard X46 engine back together I was able to take a test drive in what is really a delightful car. I have now added it to my inventory pages and will be using it as much as possible whilst the good weather continues.

By Chris McPheat, Jun 11 2018 05:02PM

I started looking into getting the Panhard X46 back on the road, first job had to be the fuel system. The SU fuel pump is prone to the points getting dirty and I found exactly that, I cleaned them and put it back on the car and it works fine. The throttle links were loose so I made a new taper pin to secure the arm from the pedal and now the throttle returns correctly. That allowed me to fire it up but the clutch would not release so today I pulled the engine out. I what a bit of a fiddle but it came out in the end and I found the flywheel, pressure plate and disc all rusty, likely enough to make it pick up. These clutches are supposed to run in oil so I got rid of all the rust, oiled it all up and got it back together and the engine in the car by the end of the day. Tomorrow I'll hook it up and see how it is.

By Chris McPheat, Jun 6 2018 07:12PM

I had some parts come in for the Porsche 928S2 so I have been spending some time with it this week. It now has brakes with new discs, pads and hoses all round and the calipers rebuilt with new seals. The intake and fuel lines liines were taken off to clean the top of the engine and get the stale fuel out of the system and the plugs were pulled out and oil fed into the bores before I tried turning it over. Once I knew it went around I pulled the v-belts and timing covers and put in a new cam belt and then cleaned up all the pulleys and adjusters before fitting new auxiliary drive belts. I've also put in new air, oil and fuel filters and a new fuel pump. Tyres should be here tomorrow, once I know the fuel tank is clean I'll be trying to fire it up. Fingers crossed.

By Chris McPheat, Jun 6 2018 06:18PM

Today I went with my transport guy to collect the Panhard X46. The trip went well and it was unloaded and in the workshop before 11am. Now the bonnet is back on I can really see what a lovely car this is. The 3.2 litre sleeve valve engine is a work of art and the Salmons and Sons landaulette body is just beautiful. One of the problems it has is a lack of fuel but it's got an SU pump mounted to the frame so that should be an easy fix. I'll be reading up on the clutch as I know you can't engage a gear when it's running but a new clutch has been fitted so I'm hoping to find some adjustment. Other than that I can't see that it needs anything other than cleaning.

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