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By Chris McPheat, Apr 1 2020 05:35PM

The Smiths pin clock in the Bristol 400 I have in the workshop wasn't working so I ordered a solid state kit from Clocks4Classics and spent a fair amount of today working on it at home. I wasn't sure if I had the eyesight, let alone the tools, to do the job but, with the help of the excellent instructions, I got the job done. Sadly, when I hooked it up to the car battery I just happen to have hanging around, it didn't do anything. It looks like the solenoid has failed but, seeing as it is 74 years old, I am not too surprised. A replacement will be ordered and I'll have another go. On a side note, I was wondering if the screws that hold the face to the clock are the smallest part used in a car, anyone got any other suggestions?

By Chris McPheat, Mar 26 2020 08:00PM

For all those old car owners out there thinking about getting some work done on their car whilst they can't be driving it anywhere I am offering phone, whatsapp and email assistance to anyone who might have a question. Or two. I can't guarantee I'll have the answer but I have a wide range of experience with all aspects of a large array of cars as well as comprehensive library of manuals, you never know. Phone +44 7948 355952 or email

By Chris McPheat, Mar 25 2020 07:49PM

Another beautiful day, another first drive after winter storage. I rebuilt the engine on this Rolls-Royce 20/25 during the winter of 2018-19 and the owner, who lives in Australia, was planning on taking it on the 20 Ghost Club's tour of Scotland this year. Needless to say he won't be doing that but it did need a run. I went to it yesterday and it fired up before it had even turned over once, so eager, and it hadn't been started since last year. I made a video of the drive, it went really well but it hit a bump along the road and set up an awful shimmy, I'll have to look into that, click here to see it.

By Chris McPheat, Mar 20 2020 07:01PM

In amongst the chaos a delight, this Bristol 400 was dropped off today. And it's not just any Bristol 400, if there is such a thing, but chassis number 1. The owner has kindly asked me to give it a service and also look into a few small issues, the mixture control is stuck, the glass on the gauges is dirty & the clock, radio & cigarette lighter don't work. I've sorted the gauges, typically Bristol they are very much aeroplane technology and can easily be taken apart. I'm also going to be adding flashing indicators, a bit of a challenge as they need to be as subtle as possible but also visible.

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