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By Chris McPheat, Oct 20 2017 04:54PM

...if the owner knew it was there? I went up to north Cumbria to take a look at this 1960 MG A today, with a view to seeing if it could be restored. Considering it's been living in a wooden garage in one of the wettest places in the UK there was a surprising amount of it left. The owner did a deal with his mother, swapping a Mini for this car in the early 70s, but parked it up in 1978 and it's been there ever since. The first step will be to get the wheels off, free the brakes and then fit some temporary wheels & tyres so we can get it rolling. Once it is in the workshop it will be hosed down and we'll be able to see what can be saved and what it'll need.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 20 2017 04:43PM

It was time for the XJ-S to go for it's MoT test this week. I haven't been out in it for a while, too rainy, so I washed the dust off and checked what I could before taking it in. Another year, another pass, the only warning was for a cracked front number plate. What a car. I'm hoping to put some work into the rear suspension and brakes over the winter and then put the asking price up again in the spring.

By Chris McPheat, Sep 26 2017 05:16PM

I've been getting back together with the Lamborghini Espada the last couple of weeks. The under-bonnet area is now torn all the way down and I've moved on to the interior. With the dash out it was possible to get at the wiring loom and the heater/air conditioning box. Whilst the nuts and bolts were a bit rusty the loom itself looks really good, a bit of a relief. The entire interior loom came out under the bonnet through a 30x60mm hole.

By Chris McPheat, Aug 22 2017 06:05PM

This beautiful, low mileage, US import Ferrari 355 F1 Spider is now being offered for sale. Check out the inventory pages for more photos and information.

By Chris McPheat, Aug 3 2017 07:06PM

This 1967 Mustang has been having problems since it's been back on the road so it's come back in for a couple of jobs. The fuel tank is being replaced as the carburettor has been filling up with a sandy paste that can only come from the tank. Whilst under there I'm replacing the shock absorbers, these are very old and have little absorbtion left in them. The tank will be painted and fitted by the end of next week.

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