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"2 Jags" McPheat

By Chris McPheat, May 7 2020 06:50PM

A nice surprise today in the form of the Jaguar S-Type I bought last year as a non-runner coming back from a pal who's been looking into the problems with the faults that were OBDII related. I got it going by replacing the crankshaft sensor and damper pulley but it was showing "Fuel Computer Error" on the dash and half the gauges didn't work as well as just about all of the brake warning and ABS lights showing. Fortunately the fuel computer fixed itself, it had been sitting outside for 3 years, a spell indoors did it the world of good. The eratic running and misfire was fixed with a coil pack and new plugs and the ABS faults were cured by a replacement pump control board and a new wheel sensor. He also changed the oil and filter, fitted a set of license plates and, best of all, MoT tested it and it passed. I'll get insured and it can be my "incognito" Jag until I find a new owner, the "excognito" one has been doing sterling service as a daily driver but I'd like to give it a rest and some attention.

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