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A tale of 2 Bristols

By Chris McPheat, Apr 29 2020 07:30PM

What with the work on the Bristol 400 being all done the owner picked it up and dropped off his Beaufighter. I hadn't been amywhere near the 400 since getting it finished off last week so he could drive it out and we were able to stay far enough apart while we were going through the fixes. If you look closely at the photo you might see that one of the jobs on the Beaufighter is to replace the headlamp with the corroded reflector, an MoT test failure if I ever saw one. I'm also going to try and free off the sidelamp/flasher cover screw on the left side, the removal of which that has prevented him from properly cleaning it. A lockdown job if ever I heard of one. And finally, the tyres have a tendency to deflate at about the same rate all around so I'll pull the wheels and have my local aluminium wheel restorer have a look at them.

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