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Bentley MkVI misfire

By Chris McPheat, Jul 24 2019 05:52PM

When I got the Bentley MkVI out for my open day a month ago a misfire and rough idle worried me a bit so this week I decided to look into it. Opening up the right side of the bonnet revealed the problem almost right away, the rearmost intake manifold gasket was misplaced and could only signify a major air leak. I ordered gaskets from Introcar yesterday and today pulled the intake assembly, cleaned it all up and put it back together with the new gaskets. Apart from this problem it was nice to see there was nothing else wrong and the intake tracts are spotless, I rebuilt this engine quite a few years ago now but it looks like new. It's also running sweetly, on firing it up the problem was gone and it idled as smoothly as a Bentley should.

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