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Dodge Coronet 440

By Chris McPheat, Feb 11 2020 06:59PM

I've made a start on the Dodge Coronet that came in a week or so ago. The carburettors have been removed and stripped down and the parts put through the ultrasonic cleaner. It came with basic rebuild kits but I had to source new control diaphragms for both slaves and a replacement vacuum pipe for the front - the orignal has been broken off. As there was a lot of excess silicone sealant around the intake manifold joints I removed the manifold and valley plate. As the valley plate is also a compression gasket for both sides of the intake I ordered a new one from, it came today and will go back on tomorrow. I found the spark plug wires were melting and burned out on the headers so a new set of wires have been made up and fitted, heatshield boots fitted to the plug ends. I'm looking forward to firing this up.

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