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Jaguar S-Type conundrum

By Chris McPheat, Jun 7 2019 05:11PM

A couple of weeks ago I was offered this 2000 model Jaguar S-Type 3 litre that had been gathering moss on a driveway for the last three years. I felt a little sorry for it and certainly didn't want to see it sent for scrap so I took a chance and had it dragged back to the workshop. A good clean revealed a really tidy car, only 51000 miles and less than 150 per year since 2006. I already knew that it wouldn't start, a fresh battery had it cranking over fine but back at the shop I found there was no spark and, even though there was fuel pressure, the injectors weren't firing. This hinted at the crankshaft sensor and a friend's computer confirmed this, live readings showed everything ok but zero rpm. The sensor is mounted on the timing case, when I was removing various things to access it I noticed the serpentine belt was misaligned. Digging a little deeper revealed that, maybe due to the infrequent use, the pulley part of the crankshaft damper was sliding rearwards off the centre and had worn through the casing of the sensor itself. Nice to have a suspicion confirmed but needless to say it was a pig to remove. Today I finally got the pulley off, sensor out and a replacement pulley on its way (thanks to Jag Breakers in Bolton). The new sensor is fitted and sealed so fingers crossed for a fire up next week.

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