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Jaguar XK-E engine

By Chris McPheat, Nov 20 2018 06:18PM

The Jaguar XK-E I'm restoring made a step forward today, I went to Lancaster Engines this morning to see the engine and it's just about done. They have turned out an "as new" engine and it certainly looks great with excellent attention to detail. Next week I am hoping to take it over to Hi Tech Engines for mounting on a dynamometer. I'll also be taking the triple carb setup, water pump, starter etc. to build it up enough for running. It'll be good to set it all up perfectly outside of the car, when it comes to fitting it will have to be torn back down but I'll know it's just a matter of hooking it all back up. I also picked up the rebuilt gearbox so, with the rear axle assembly I finished rebuilding a month ago, the entire drivetrain is now ready to go back in the car. If I only had the car, it is still at the bodyshop.

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