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Jensen GT engine work

By Chris McPheat, Apr 29 2020 07:07PM

The Lotus 907 engine is coming together, along with the front subframe. I've not done anything to the inside of the engine as it was running well enough when it drove in and from what I've seen it hasn't done a lot of miles. I've cleaned everything I could find and fitted new gaskets and o-rings wherever possible. One of the cam cover threads needed a helicoil and the exhaust header studs were a bit of a pain but otherwise it has come apart and gone together quite well. The block has been flushed and is running clear, I will be using Evans waterless coolant to help inhibit the inevitable oxidation of the aluminium that results from insufficient coolant changes. As an aside, the front suspension has been torn down and what was left is being blasted and painted. I'm looking forward to putting it all together.

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