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Jensen GT front suspension

By Chris McPheat, May 7 2020 05:47PM

The front suspension subframe from the Jensen GT has been going back together over the last few days and is about ready to go in the car. I'm waiting on new shock absorbers and brake calipers but everything else I needed has been sourced and delivered, I guess a lot of people are like me and they have to work during these tricky times. It's had new bushings and bolts in the wishbones and lower arms, new ball joints for the steering and track rod, new hub bearings, basically whatever it needed. Jensen sourced this unit direct from Vauxhall Motors, my father was telling me last night about the pounding the dies took knocking out these heavy duty steel pressings (he worked in "Engineering" at Vauxhall Motors, Luton, and was there from the late '40s to the late '80s). I can easily image, the sandblasting of the parts took 14 hours and there was still plenty of metal left. There was nothing I could do with regards the brake splash plates, they were totally shot, but I did some internet digging and found the last pair of a batch the guys at Richard Appleyard had made 20 years ago.

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