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Jensen GT, nearly done?

By Chris McPheat, Jun 26 2020 05:02PM

Some progress on the Jensen GT of late. I've replaced all the seals in the rear axle as well as all the brake parts, with the suspension arms re-bushed I could put the whole lot back in the car and hook it up. The entire braking system is new, including pipes and hoses, so it was good to bleed the system today and have no leaks. It also meant I could put the wheels back on, looks a lot more like a car now. I've been tiidying up the wiring to the headlights, with this mostly done I could the bumper back on. I'm still having problems sourcing correct engine mounts, specialist Jensen suppliers can't get the right parts so I might try the US. Other than the mounts and the radiator (also back-ordered), there isn't much left to do.

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