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Mercedes 230SL work continues

By Chris McPheat, Sep 29 2020 06:52PM

The 230SL that came in a couple of weeks ago has needed a bit more than I first thought. I found the front brake discs worn & caliper dust seals were shot and bleed screws broken off so new discs are on their way and the calipers are out for refurbishment. The rear shoes had been fitted incorrectly so they are being re-lined and I've had the drums skimmed. The front suspension was plastered in greasy muck so I've had to remove it all to replace the rotted seals and plan to have the wishbones & springs repainted. The wheels are also being refurbished and a set of 5 new Michelin MXV-P will be fitted. The engine misfire was due to someone mixing up the plug leads, they are now run correctly and it's firing on 6. The coolant and heater hoses are all to be replaced, some of them were original. All of the fuel hoses have been replaced as they were found to be cracked. I've got some new shift linkage bushings on their way as well as a valve cover gasket and assorted other bits, should keep me busy for a while.

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