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Mustang goes home

By Chris McPheat, Jun 27 2019 04:49PM

Carrying on the theme of finishing what I've been starting, the Mustang that was dropped off on Saturday was picked up this afternoon. The oil leaks were traced to the sump and the power steering control valve. With the sump off the car it was found to be split around a bolt hole and really beyond repair. The owner sourced a new sump, gaskets and a kit to rebuild the power steering valve. These arrived yesterday, the sump went back on easily enough and the valve was straightforward to rebuild (it looked like it had never been done before). Then it was just a matter of firing it up and seeing what came out of it, as it was nothing but exhaust gasses and noise I could let it go. Small steps with this car, it still needs proper brakes to handle the 351 Clevelend that's been jammed in under the hood and there's work to do on the exhaust. Etc..

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