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Panhard Junior progress

By Chris McPheat, Oct 8 2020 06:16PM

It's been a month or so since the engine for this Panhard Junior was delivered and I have been able to make some progress. I had some problems with the throw-out bearing that was supplied but these have been resolved and the engine has been fitted, exhaust hooked up, intake and carburettor installed, external oil filter copnnected, that sort of thing. I had a hard time getting it started, the distributor that came with the engine wouldn't provide spark to the plugs so I have a temporary standard PL17 engine version fitted just so I could get it running. As it has a PL17 pedal box for the brake I am going to fit a PL17 clutch pedal and cable, it currently uses the original type but it will look better and be easier to drive if the clutch and brake match (I think it was built this way as the guy who raced it in the US had one leg and a prosthetic, having the orignal clutch pedal probably made it easier for him to drive). It's due to be inspected by DVLA next week so it can road registered, as it is now mostly complete that should go ok. I've just got to wait for the correct distributor before I can drive it, I know I'm getting impatient so I am sure the new owner is too.

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