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Rolls-Royce 20hp engine rebuild, all done

By Chris McPheat, Jul 23 2020 04:27PM

Following on from the last report, I filled the sump and cooling system but, typically, the foremost cylinder block side plate leaked. That meant removing the carburettor, distributor and control rods to get at the plate and some more effective sealant was applied before refitting. A refill of the radiator and no more leaks. Then, when I tried to fire it up, the starter motor clutch slipped and wouldn't turn the engine over. It was probably ok before the rebuild as the engine didn't have a lot of compression. I removed it, stripped off the clutch pack, tore it down and cleaned it and, when reassembled and refitted, the engine turned over great and fired right up. It's had 20 minutes of running, good oil pressure and temperature, just needs a test drive and it can go home.

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