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Rolls-Royce 20hp gear case

By Chris McPheat, Jun 28 2019 05:05PM

What with some of the short term work having gone out this week I've been able to get back on with one that'll take a little longer. JEL Bearings have offered to take in the crankcase and crankshaft for the yellow & black Rolls-Royce 20hp in early July so I wanted to have another go at removing the dynamo drive, water pump drive and idler gears. Last time I tried they were particularly recalcitrant, today I asserted my authority and all went to plan with gears and bearings all removed. It was worth doing, I have a feeling it's the first time anyone has tried as the roller bearings look like original parts. The crankcase can now go for a thorough cleaning before it's taken to JEL.

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