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Rolls-Royce 20hp landaulette engine work

By Chris McPheat, Sep 4 2019 05:25PM

I have been working on the Rolls-Royce 20hp that came in with the head off and a damaged cylinder liner. Once the sump was off, pistons & rods out and block pulled I was able to take the block to my machine shop to have a new liner fitted. That was the straightforward part of the job. I think the initial failure was due to the engine being rebuilt without the cylinder head/block studs being replaced. I always do this on every engine as they tend to stretch and weaken over time. They also run out of thread, if nuts are overtightened they pick up, click a torque wrench but are not doing anything. So far I've been trying to do all this without taking the engine out, not as easy as it sounds as each of the 30 studs have a castellated nut and split pin to secure them inside the crankcase, removing them in a webbed case is like pulling teeth. Anyway, with some effort 27 studs came out but then one snapped. Nothing for it but to pull the crankcase, I did this today and once the crankshaft (& flywheel, clutch, etc.) are removed I'll take it to have what is left of the remaining studs cut out such that the threads in the aluminium crankcase are not damaged.

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