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Triumph Roadster test drive

By Chris McPheat, Dec 16 2019 07:08PM

I was starting to think I was not going to be able to finish what I'd started with this Triumph Roadster, most everything the customer had asked me to fix had been done but the rear brakes have been problematic. I had them sleeved and rebuilt but they were impossible to bleed, air would be sucked past the seals rather than fluid from the master cylinder no matter what I tried. Last week I had another go, pulled the cylinders from the back plate and rotated them 90 degrees to get the bleed at the top, replaced the cup seals and once they'd been fitted filled the outside of the piston chambers with red rubber grease. Set up like this the cylinder pistons can be used to bleed the system and finally I got clear fluid and no air out of the cylinder. The owner came by today and was able to take it for a short test drive, that went well so, as you can see, I've put the hubcaps on, it must be all done.

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