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Wolseley Hornet goes home

By Chris McPheat, Jun 25 2019 05:30PM

The tuning of of the carburettors on this Wolseley Hornet Special went well last week, and the test drive showed that the cam timing work was also a success, but the thermostatic control to the already fitted electric fan was found to be inoperative. I ordered and fitted a "Davies, Craig" controller and kept most of the owner's wiring and the fan. The controller shows the current temperature through a probe that fits perfectly into the honeycomb of the radiator. A push button allows the user to set the temperature at which the fan turns on and it will turn off 6 degrees below that level. On test the temperature recorded on the controller was only a degree or so below the reading on the temperature gauge. The owner came and collected it today and drove it home (it came in on a trailer).

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