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By Chris McPheat, Nov 25 2020 07:04PM

I have been doing some work on the Bentley S3 that was dropped off a few weeks ago. First project was to sort out the poor brakes. I found the front shoes and drums were ribbed and 3 of the 4 slave cylinders were seized and the rear shoes were worn out with both slave cylinders in poor state. Also found the master cylinders were leaking. These jobs have been sorted and it now stops as it should. Next I investigated the leaks from the power steering system, one was cooming from the relatively new hose from the box to the power ram, another from the lower pendulum arm seal in the steering box. I've replaced all hoses as those that weren't leaking were damaged through being badly routed. Whilst replacing the hoses I found the centre steering arm had been bodged onto the ram and sourced a good used part that included the missing fittings for the ram to arm union. Lastly I had a go at the steering box and this has been a real pain. When I removed the pendulum arm lower bearing & seal housing the arm dropped and dislodged the top bearing. I have had to remove the whole steering box in order to fix this as it was not possible to take the top cover off with the box on the car through the cover & bearing housing being seized to the box. I've had to order a couple more o-rings, one for the top cpver the other for the union with the steering column, these should be here tomorrow and then I can have a go at getting the box back in the car.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 19 2020 05:47PM

I bought this 2005 Vauxhall Tigra 1.4 recently with a few faults that I have now fixed and am able to offer it for sale. It's a good little car at a great price and should provide plenty of open top fun. Check out the Inventory page for more details and photos.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 18 2020 06:53PM

I've been doing quite a few different jobs on the Jaguar E-Type that came in a few weeks ago. I've had some of the front suspension parts repainted & new ball joints & anti-roll bar mounts have been fittted. I have replaced the aftermarket air filter with the original type and think it looks a lot better. I found a breather hose clamp was knocking on the engine subframe, with this repositioned there's no noise on fire up, other than the lovely sound of an XK engine. All radiator hoses have been replaced and the past its sell by date coolant has been renewed. New fuel & oil filters fresh oil and a top up of the brake fluid complete the work at the front end. Now it's onto the rear.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 6 2020 06:43PM

The Mercedes 230SL I have been working on is just about finished and back on its wheels today. All radiator and heater hoses have been replaced, front suspension and brakes completely rebuilt & rear brake shoes re-lined and drums skimmed. I had to source the clutch flexible hose from Germany and I tracked down a pair of good used front brake dust covers to a specialist in Oregon as replacements are just not available for this model. Fortunately they match those used on the W110 saloon. It still needs test drive and I'm going to have a hole in the driver's side floor welded up by a local body shop, other than that it's all done. It looks good on the refurbished wheels and new tyres, a nice "survivor" car.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 30 2020 06:24PM

Working on the Jaguar XK-E today, the owner mentioned that the steering was a bit stiff when he dropped it off and I had to agree. I found the upper ball joint gaiters were split and of the wrong type and with the right side stripped down today discovered the above, not a hint of lubricant, as dry as the proverbial desert dog poop. Get your grease gun out this weekend.

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