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By Chris McPheat, Dec 2 2019 06:31PM

This Morris Minor 1000 was dropped off on Friday for a couple of things, the main issue being that it is blowing smoke. I've done a few basic checks today, compression test was ok but scoping the cylinders showed a lot of oil sitting on the piston crowns. The timing was somewhat retarded and carburettor was set lean, probably to deal with the timing being so far out. Checking the tappet gaps showed them to be way out, over 0.020" on each rocker, but I found the adjusters seized solid. I think a de-coke, new valve stem seals and an exchange rocker shaft should do the trick.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 26 2019 07:39PM

Having spent a couple of days going over the BSA Bantam and finding little to do other than clean it and fit a couple of period correct bolts I am now able to offer it for sale. Check out the Inventory page for more details and photos.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 25 2019 07:56PM

The BSA Bantam I have been expecting came in on Saturday. I really enjoyed going over it today and finding it didn't need anything more than cleaning (and a couple of BSF bolts on the brake and clutch levers). I've ridden it around the yard, it fires up easily and everything works as it should. Look out for it on the Inventory page, I'll take some better photos when the rain stops. That or I take my motorcycle test, it'll be more economical than the Jaguar, just got to find somewhere to put the dog.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 25 2019 07:43PM

The Chimaera rocker covers came back from aqua blasting today and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. They have been refitted with a pair of more modern rubber gaskets and the cleaned up plenum has also been put back on. This was more difficult than expected, it came off easily enough but with new engine mounts the engine was sitting taller and it wouldn't go on without removing the vacuum pipe union from the rear. Re-fitting this union once the plenum was back on was tricky. I still have to fill the cooling system but other than that it's finished under the bonnet, there's some work to do on tidying up the body and trim to think about next.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 21 2019 06:26PM

I have slowly been doing some work on the Tatra 603 engine now it is almost ready to assemble. The crankcase and main bearings are done but I still need seemingly insignificant parts before I can get the build going proper. In the meantime I have had all of the metalwork cleaned up and painted and picked it all up this morning. It's come out really well and just orange enough in the red to look correct (the photo shows more red). 6 of the cylinder heads have been built up, the remaining 2 will be done tomorrow.

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