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By Chris McPheat, Dec 24 2020 06:18PM

The work on the Triumph Stag is all sorted. I found the clunk in the drivetrain was mainly due to a loose half shaft, with this fixed I then found worn universal joints in the propshaft were worn so they've been replaced. The eagle eyed will spot that the ride height at the back has changed slightly, with the clunks removed there was a creak to be heard from the rear end so I've fitted new rear springs and shock absorbers and that has sorted it. The poor runing was traced to loose HT leads in the distributor cap and to cure the cutting out I moved the immobiliser wire from the wiper switch to the ignition live.

By Chris McPheat, Dec 22 2020 07:21PM

A customer of mine has commissioned to sell his gorgeous Jaguar E-Type. It really is a stunning example and is in wonderful condition. Check out the Inventory page for more information.

By Chris McPheat, Dec 17 2020 06:15PM

This Triumph Stag was dropped off today for a little work. It's got a clunk in the drivetrain, a bit of a misfire under load and a couple of electrical issues, one being that someone has wired up the wiper switch to an immobiliser, pull the switch and the engine cuts out, not ideal.

By Chris McPheat, Dec 16 2020 07:56PM

I have been asked to sell this lovely little Henderson-Heath aero engine. With 30hp at 3000rpm and weighing only 100lb it would suit a cycle car conversion down to the ground and owuld really make it go. Check out the Inventory page for more details.

By Chris McPheat, Dec 16 2020 06:11PM

Some progress to report since the last post regarding the Rolls-Royce 20/25 engine. I got the sump & cylinder head back on last month and fitted the block side plates, carburettor, distributor & intake manifold. More recently the damper came back from the machine shop, with that back on the crankshaft I could fit the timing cover and just about everything else. Today I put the engine back in the chassis and have started to secure it and hook it back up to the car. I'm having the fan painted as it was silver (should be gloss black) and need to get the exhaust manifold skimmed as there is a massive gap at the hot-spot port. Once these jobs are completed I can finish it off and fire it up.

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