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By Chris McPheat, Feb 11 2020 06:59PM

I've made a start on the Dodge Coronet that came in a week or so ago. The carburettors have been removed and stripped down and the parts put through the ultrasonic cleaner. It came with basic rebuild kits but I had to source new control diaphragms for both slaves and a replacement vacuum pipe for the front - the orignal has been broken off. As there was a lot of excess silicone sealant around the intake manifold joints I removed the manifold and valley plate. As the valley plate is also a compression gasket for both sides of the intake I ordered a new one from, it came today and will go back on tomorrow. I found the spark plug wires were melting and burned out on the headers so a new set of wires have been made up and fitted, heatshield boots fitted to the plug ends. I'm looking forward to firing this up.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 11 2020 06:45PM

A bit more progress on the Rolls-Royce 20hp engine. I had to take the camshaft back out as it was tighter than I would expect, a bit of fettling on the rear 2 bearings sorted that and with it back in the engine I could fit the cam followers and the cylinder block. Pistons and rods next, then I can refit the sump. I sent the crankshaft damper to Fiennes Restoration, I have the tools to rebuild a 20/25 but not the earlier low-inertia drive. That should be back before the end of the week.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 5 2020 06:12PM

This quite delightful Ferrari 458 came in to the workshop today with a cracked fog light surround. The diffuser, wheels and wheel arch liners had to come off to get at the bumper assembly, with the bumper off removing the surrounds was relatively straightforward. Some of the threaded inserts in the bumper pulled out with the bolts so that's added a level of complexity. I'd already ordered a replacement part from the dealer but it came unpainted, both the new part and the unbroken original have been dropped off at the paint shop as they'll both have to be painted to ensure they are the same shade of flat black.

By Chris McPheat, Feb 1 2020 07:56PM

This Coronet 440 was dropped off this morning, the owner has just bought it and had it delivered direct to the workshop. I'm going to be rebuilding the 6 pack carburettor setup (3 Holley 2300s, a master and 2 slaves) to get it running right and then some general checks so he can drive it for a while before having it painted.

By Chris McPheat, Jan 31 2020 04:53PM

Something a little more modern than usual this Mercedes C180 was towed in today with a serpentine belt failure. The tangle in front of the car is what is left of the old belt, the tensioner pulley bearing had seized and that was that. It's also torn up the deflection pulley. New parts on order, thankfully the tensioner pulley can be replaced rather than the full assembly, replacing that means removing the intake manifold, supercharger and all sorts of other plastic stuff.

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