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By Chris McPheat, Nov 13 2018 05:33PM

Another call from the machine shop to tell me the rods were ready meant I could get back on with the Rolls-Royce 20/25 engine rebuild. Unfortunately, on collecting them, I found the small-end bushings protruding from one side of the rods by 0.013" so they had to go back for finishing. They were dropped off today so I was able to mount the pistons and rings to the rods and fit the assemblies to the engine. The big-ends are tight and pinned and the engine turns. The cylinder head was already cleaned up and ready to fit so it went back on this evening along with the pushrods and rocker shaft.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 7 2018 06:59PM

Today I took a run down to Quest Restoration in Orrell, the guys handling the bodywork on the Lamborghini Espada. The shell has now been stripped (Envirostrip Stafford) and I wanted to take a look before they put some primer on the bare metal. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, there was lot more of it left than expected and evidence of only a few poor quality repairs in the past. These will be undone and corrected, the rest of the rust cut out and all new metal let in. Great to see progress after all this time and the guys at Quest are ready to get on with the work.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 5 2018 07:02PM

This Bentley T2 showed up on Sunday, my customer just bought it with a view to selling it on and he wants me to look it over first. It's not been used for a while and there are no brakes, and I mean none, so getting it in the workshop was tricky. What would you do with it?

By Chris McPheat, Nov 5 2018 06:34PM

The owner of the Rolls-Royce 20hp I recently did some engine work on brought it in on Saturday for some more work now that the driving season is over. The engine is running well, 20lb oil pressure and 80 degrees at idle after a 50 mile drive over. I'll be checking the head nut torque but the main work is to check the brakes and send the dynamo and cut-out to Armoto for reconditioning. I last looked at the brakes 6 years ago, from what I can tell the hub seal has been leaking oil onto the drum and the shoes have become impregnated. I know Henry Royce wasn't keen on front brakes anyway but if they are there it's best they should work. On the way to the brakes I found the wheel itself in need of work, wheel discs look nice but the wheels can get neglected if you don't take them off and clean up the wheel every year. Spokes and spoke nuts are rusty and the spokes don't ring true. I'll be looking at the rear brakes tomorrow.

By Chris McPheat, Nov 2 2018 05:19PM

With the Trojan engine stuck solid there was nothing for it but to pull it out. The front of the gearbox is attached with a 14 spring mounted bearing from the flywheel, getting this off was tricky without being able to turn the enigne over. With the engine out and the foot off I have been able to move the crank but it won't pull out because of the sticking piston. Hopefully a weekend soaked in WD40 will help.

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