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By Chris McPheat, Apr 23 2020 04:56PM

Today I finished off the last couple of jobs on the Bristol 400 and it's ready to go back to its owner. I converted the front sidelights to twin filament and sourced some small strobing LED blocks, it now has turn signals in addition to the trafficators, all running through the original switch. The clock is working with a new solenoid fitted, the radio has been repaired by Eric Capron at Radio Rescue and has an FM tuner as well as medium and long wave, the carburettors have been set up properly so it now idles correctly and starts easily from cold and, lastly, I've changed the engine oil & filter. It's been a real pleasure to work on such a significant vehicle, the first 400 built by Bristol Cars.

By Chris McPheat, Apr 22 2020 06:08PM

The Lotus 907 engine from the Jensen GT is now all cleaned up and waiting for parts so today I pulled the front subframe out of the car. It's proving to be somewhat recalcitrant and so far I've had to use heat, nut splitters and a generous supply of elbow grease to take it apart. The brake calipers, discs & hubs and control arms came off easily but the upper wishbones, lower arms and anti roll bar not so much. Once it is all torn down I'll send the metalwork out for paint. Martin Robey have been most helpful with regards the parts required, they have pretty much everything I need and the first order should be showing up any day now.

By Chris McPheat, Apr 21 2020 04:30PM

A call out of the blue yesterday has led to the sale of the Solectria Force electric car I bought for a customer some years ago. The new owner isn't sure whether he'll get the car on the road or use the parts on another of his projects. I'm just glad to see it go to someone who can make some use of it and I really didn't want to scrap it, proof of that being the sale price, I'm sure my scrap man would have given me more. Happy days.

By Chris McPheat, Apr 16 2020 06:58PM

Having had a look over the Jensen GT yesterday and come up with a plan of action I started work on it today. I decided, what with the state of the engine and transmission, that I might as well pull it out, it'll make the work required a lot easier. It was actually quite straightforward, relatively speaking anyway. Oil is pouring out of the valve covers, the header nuts are rusted solid, the coolant hoses are all shot, etc.. I'll pull the transmission tomorrow and have a look at the clutch and then get some parts ordered. With the engine out it'll be easier to fix all the faults with the front suspension subframe - all bushings are perished, one of the wishbone bolts is back to front and quite a few other things will need doing.

By Chris McPheat, Apr 14 2020 05:20PM

This Jensen GT was dropped off today, not so many of these around any more. Social distancing was observed, of course. The owner has recently bought it and before it goes for painting he's asked me to give the mechanical parts a good going over. The valve covers are leaking oil, hoses need replacing, carburettors will be cleaned up as well as the engine and the gear shift is a bit loose, 5th tends to be selected when looking for 3rd. I'll likely start working on it towards the end of the week.

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