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By Chris McPheat, Jul 23 2020 04:32PM

The MG TC I was tasked to sell last week has already found a new owner. It was advertised this Monday night, I had 2 calls on Tuesday and the first to come and see it yesterday made an offer I couldn't refuse. The previous owner is very happy and so is the new one, a good deal all round. I think the colour combination helped, the cream over green is very pretty on a TC.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 23 2020 04:27PM

Following on from the last report, I filled the sump and cooling system but, typically, the foremost cylinder block side plate leaked. That meant removing the carburettor, distributor and control rods to get at the plate and some more effective sealant was applied before refitting. A refill of the radiator and no more leaks. Then, when I tried to fire it up, the starter motor clutch slipped and wouldn't turn the engine over. It was probably ok before the rebuild as the engine didn't have a lot of compression. I removed it, stripped off the clutch pack, tore it down and cleaned it and, when reassembled and refitted, the engine turned over great and fired right up. It's had 20 minutes of running, good oil pressure and temperature, just needs a test drive and it can go home.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 20 2020 05:50PM

I have now added the MG TC to my Cars For Sale page having given it a bit of a going over these last few days. Check out the inventory for more details.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 15 2020 04:45PM

It's been a long time coming but today I was finally able to finish off the Rolls-Royce 20hp engine rebuild. I've been waiting for the crankshaft damper to come back from Fiennes, the virus has caused lengthy delays. It turned up today so I put it back on the engine, fitted the timing cover and associated parts and installed and hooked up the radiator. It still needs fluids but apart from that, and the fitting of the bonnet and undertrays, it's all done.

By Chris McPheat, Jul 13 2020 04:58PM

This MG TC was dropped off today. The owner has asked me to sell it for him, I'll spend a bit of time looking it over before I put it on the Inventory page. It was restored 20 years ago and is still in good condition. I found a couple of small jobs to do, once they've been completed I'll take some better photos and get it listed.

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