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By Chris McPheat, May 21 2019 05:42PM

The owner of this Mustang called yesterday as he's been experiencing electrical problems. There was a little space in the workshop so he brought it in today. The first fault I found was a broken battery cable connector, it was a lead type that had been tightened beyond its capacity. I've now got to track down the reason why the solenoid isn't firing, it's not faulty and the ignition switch is ok so there's likely a fault in the wiring.

By Chris McPheat, May 15 2019 05:47PM

This Rolls-Royce 25/30, "Mary", was dropped off today for a tune up and oil change. I rebuilt the engine 12 years ago, the first job I did when I opened my workshop in Penrith, thankfully it's still running strong and well. I used to do a little wedding chauffering for the owner and drove this beauty all over Cumbria so it is really nice to see her again.

By Chris McPheat, May 14 2019 04:57PM

This Rolls-Royce 20/25 came in a year or so ago needing some work to the engine that led to almost a full rebuild. It came back in today for some work to the rear axle (new driving dogs), repairs to the one-shot lubrication system (leaking at front end) and I'll also change the oil, tighten down the cylinder head nuts and adjust the valves.

By Chris McPheat, May 13 2019 08:33PM

The owner of this fantastic MV Agusta CSS-5V has now sorted out the correct registration document and has asked me to offer it again to the market. It really is one of a kind, check out the Inventory page for more photos and details.

By Chris McPheat, May 9 2019 04:57PM

I spent some time stripping the Rolls-Royce 20hp crankshaft down today, the oil way drilling plugs and main and big-end bearing journal sludge trap caps had to be removed. The plugs were easy enough but the caps are always a bit of a fiddle, cotter pins are used to secure castellated nuts on thin bolts that run through both caps. As the crankshaft (and damper) work as a centrifugal oil filter dirt in the oil builds up in the big-end journal (see photo). At this level it starts to seriously impede the flow of oil, the 20hp only has direct oil feed to the front, middle and rear main bearings, the other 4 get their oil from that which is flowing through the crankshaft. I have heard that when these cars were new they had a top end decoke every 2 years and every 4 years the bottom end was cleaned out. Needless to say this procedure is no longer so tightly observed, hence the question at the top, when was the last time you cleaned the sludge out of your crank?

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