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By Chris McPheat, Oct 19 2020 05:32PM

This Jaguar XK-E was dropped off today for a little work. The owner wants me to give it a service and fix anything else I can find. He also wants me to repaint some of the front suspension & steering parts that have developed some surface rust through storage in a damp garage.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 13 2020 05:04PM

After another long delay I have been doing some work on the Rolls-Royce 20/25 engine that I've been rebuilding. I wanted to find a better way of replacing the cam follower rollers and pins and so had a tool made to hold the follower securely as the fork tends to bend and pinches the roller. This was ready last week and it worked beautifully, all cam followers are now rebuilt and fitting them allowed the installation of the cylinder block. With this on I could assemble the new pistons to the connecting rods and they are now fitted to the engine. I've ordered the 5 short cylinder head studs that run down the middle of the block as those that came with the engine are no good, I've also made a start on cleaning up the cylinder head, hopefully this will be back on by the start of next week. That just leaves the sump, some new oil level floats have been ordered, and with that done it'll be a lot closer to going back into the car.

By Chris McPheat, Oct 8 2020 06:16PM

It's been a month or so since the engine for this Panhard Junior was delivered and I have been able to make some progress. I had some problems with the throw-out bearing that was supplied but these have been resolved and the engine has been fitted, exhaust hooked up, intake and carburettor installed, external oil filter copnnected, that sort of thing. I had a hard time getting it started, the distributor that came with the engine wouldn't provide spark to the plugs so I have a temporary standard PL17 engine version fitted just so I could get it running. As it has a PL17 pedal box for the brake I am going to fit a PL17 clutch pedal and cable, it currently uses the original type but it will look better and be easier to drive if the clutch and brake match (I think it was built this way as the guy who raced it in the US had one leg and a prosthetic, having the orignal clutch pedal probably made it easier for him to drive). It's due to be inspected by DVLA next week so it can road registered, as it is now mostly complete that should go ok. I've just got to wait for the correct distributor before I can drive it, I know I'm getting impatient so I am sure the new owner is too.

By Chris McPheat, Sep 29 2020 06:52PM

The 230SL that came in a couple of weeks ago has needed a bit more than I first thought. I found the front brake discs worn & caliper dust seals were shot and bleed screws broken off so new discs are on their way and the calipers are out for refurbishment. The rear shoes had been fitted incorrectly so they are being re-lined and I've had the drums skimmed. The front suspension was plastered in greasy muck so I've had to remove it all to replace the rotted seals and plan to have the wishbones & springs repainted. The wheels are also being refurbished and a set of 5 new Michelin MXV-P will be fitted. The engine misfire was due to someone mixing up the plug leads, they are now run correctly and it's firing on 6. The coolant and heater hoses are all to be replaced, some of them were original. All of the fuel hoses have been replaced as they were found to be cracked. I've got some new shift linkage bushings on their way as well as a valve cover gasket and assorted other bits, should keep me busy for a while.

By Chris McPheat, Sep 28 2020 05:25PM

I've added another S-Type to the Inventory page, this time a 4 litre V8. It's a lovely car and is excellent value for money (I should know, I drive one of these every day). Check out the Inventory for more details.

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