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1954 Panhard Dyna Z1

Price:   £SOLD


With a chassis number of 508 this must be one of the earliest examples of the Panhard Dyna Z1 on the road. It spent much of it's life in Paris but is remarkably free from the expected dings and dents. Being off the road and in dry storage since 1973 probably helped in this respect. On arrival in the workshops it was assessed with a view to returning it to the road but keeping it in as original condition as possible. The door pockets even contain maps of the Paris area and a couple of 1973 parking citations. The brake flexible hoses have been replaced and all brake master and slave cylinders and shoes have been rebuilt. The fuel system has been cleaned out, tank sender repaired and carburetor rebuilt. A thorough mechanical check of the rest of the car has been carried out. All import and registration paperwork has been completed and it's ready for the road. I used this car on The Automobile magazine's 2014 Oily Rag run and it performed perfectly.

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