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1959 Panhard Dyna Z12

Price:   £sold


Chassis number: 1012613


This recently imported Panhard Dyna Z12 is being sold as a project although it really is close to being a running car. I intended to do some work to tidy it up but thought I'd offer it for sale in the meantime. It has had some body repairs here and there and I'm sure there is plenty of French body filler in the sill ends but it does still present really well. The doors bonnet and boot all fit well and the bumpers are clean and straight. I recently fitted a set of shroud panels around the engine that came from another car and have also found and fitted a set of cylinder mounted heater boxes and the appropriate bowden cables. The front seats have been replaced with a set from a PL17, the colour is similar to the red parts of the trim and they are more comfortable and adjustable than the Dyna Z bench. The door panels are in a pretty poor state, as is the parcel shelf, and the top of the rerar seat is stained. The headlining is torn in several places and it was my intention to have a new one fabricated. It also needs dust seals around the door apertures.