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1926 Rolls-Royce 20hp

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The Hon. Mildred Gibbs ordered this Park Ward Tourer, GMJ 20, on September 9, 1926. It was driven with care and love into the 1950's, then sold to South Africa. A 17 year old school girl purchased GMJ 20 and retained ownership for the next 57 years. Impeccably cared for in the dry climate of Cape Town, the car reflects this love and care today. On the button in every way, GMJ 20 is ready for anything and is without any issues.


Custom fitted side curtains that lock into the fully lined top guarantee weather proof motoring under any conditions. A full fitted tonneau encloses the rear compartment. Two additional tonneaus cover the front compartment, allowing the driver to be “buttoned up” with the main top in the up or down position. The black leather interior is excellent in every way and free from blemishes.


The combination of the raked steering column and angled windscreen coupled with the extended cowl results in a very sporting presentation.


By every metric, the engine, cooling system, drive line, steering and brakes perform as a new car. Since the body has never been removed from the chassis, the doors shut like a bank vault, a compliment that is usually reserved for a closed formal limousine.


Enjoy this piece of history immediately. There will be no additional expenses, just miles of enjoyable care-free driving.