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1994 Solectria Force

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The Solectria Force is an electric car built on a base model Geo Metro (Suzuki Swift). The company built around 400 of these vehicles, buying them in without drivetrain. There is a single speed transmission connected to a 156 volt 3-phase motor. This particular car was bought for a customer from a university in the eastern United States, they had been using it as a campus vehicle. Import duties have been paid but no further work has been carried out. This would make an ideal town car, with a 110v convertor it could plug into a wall socket, no expensive garage hardware required. It has moved once under its own power but some of the batteries are damaged. All other electrics are fine. The bodywork is sound and the paint looks tidy but it has not been that well applied. For a cheap to run car you couldn't do much better than this.


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