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Tatra T57 chassis

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This 1930s Tatra T57 chassis is in a bit of a state and has been outside for many years. It is mostly complete as far as engine, gearbox, torque tube, axles and brakes. I recently (May 2019) brought it into the workshop and tore the engine down and can provide more useful information. First off the wheels turn, brakes are free. The steering, whilst rusty, did free off and the rack and pinion and the track rods and ends are in good condition. As for the engine I found water had got into one of the bores but had stayed there, the crankcase itself was in very good condition. The crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, camshaft & followers are all really good. The rocker gear and pushrods are ok. 3 of the cylinders are clean but the 4th, the one that had water in it, is rusty. Please email if you want to see photos of the inside of the engine.