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Vauxhall A/D Type

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Vauxhall A/D Type built to exact C/D Prince Henry specification. Based around an A Type chassis that was imported back from Australia in the late 1980s. Rebuilt over 6 years and first run competitvely at Shelsey Walsh in 1997. The engine dates from 1918 but now has E Type camshaft, high lift valves and Zenith 48 RB carburettor. The rear axle ratio is 3:1, brakes, on the rear only, are 12".


The car has been used extensively in competitive events over the past dozen years, including racing at Silverstone, Mallory Park, Donnington, Goodwood and Brands Hatch, hill climbs at Bo’ness, Prescott, the Kop and Shelsley Walsh and trials with the VSCC.


It has a top speed of around 85 – 90 mph and was timed up VSCC Short Course Prescott at 59.2 seconds in 2019, driven by Jack Bond, beating all the E Type and many of the OE Type 30-98 Vauxhalls on the day. As such, it is one of very few Edwardian cars to ascend Prescott Short Course in less than one minute. In 2018 the car was entered in the SF Edge Edwardian race at Goodwood, driven by James Gunn.